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The ‘Tū Pono, Tū Tika, Tū Aroha’ online healing program and private online portal, is a #kuiniklub initiative inspired by the ‘Tū Pono’ program of Ngai Tahu, which is based on creating #safespaces for whānau. It was also inspired and informed by some of the members of KUINIKLUB, who have overcome trauma of various kinds over the years.

Our ‘Tū Pono, Tū Tika, Tū Aroha’ program was born to serve survivors (both male and female) of sexual abuse, rape, incest, violence and intergenerational trauma.

This free online program
is our koha in service to humanity and we run this program on AROHA.

’Tū Pono, Tū Tika, Tū Aroha’ connects powerful and potent MĀORI HEALERS and wāhine (plus other survivors including tāne survivors) who have healed themselves already/are currently healing themselves - with other survivors of trauma that make themselves known to us and come forward to receive healing and a listening ear.

We refer to the healers in our program as our ‘POU’ and we refer to the #resilient #survivors of our program as our ‘TOA’.

We use and teach a myriad of different tools, ideas, techniques and healing modalities for overcoming the effects of abuse and trauma.

We draw on traditional Māori healing practices, as well as positive psychology, talk therapy, the use of prayer and karakia, different concepts of spirituality, group therapy, and various alternative healing methods from other helpful traditions and practices.

We are out-of-the-box and outside of the system.

We are accountable to no one other than ourselves and the #resilient #survivors that we are here to serve. We have no boxes to tick other than the ones we set for ourselves, based on our values of what is PONO, TIKA and AROHA.

This service is by us, for us, to serve us.

We are independent empowered wāhine and healers, helping other wāhine and other trauma survivors, at a grass roots, no-pressure, informal, and intuitive level.

Our program is delivered through a private sealed online portal, where both our volunteer healers (POU), our survivors (TOA) and all the wāhine involved in our ‘Tū Pono, Tū Tika, Tū Aroha’ kaupapa can interact in real time, kanohi ki te kanohi (through the internet), and with the interactive use of video, audio, and written word communication.

The beauty and flexibility of our program is that it can be participated in at everyones own pace, when and where we choose to engage with it, from the privacy of our own homes and #safespaces.

There is no pressure, there is only AROHA.

Your privacy and confidentiality will be respected at all times by all members of our online healing portal.


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Your Name (this will be kept secret)

We are open to receive donations of support or tā koha to share amongst our healers for their volunteer mahi, and to reinvest back into this kaupapa for expansion and development in order to better serve the #resilient #survivors that this unique, outside-of-the-system program is designed to empower, heal, transform, love and care for.

You can email us on if you would like to donate tā koha to support our program.

maori women empowerment
maori women empowerment
maori women empowerment business mana wahine toa self love