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Kia ora!

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I'm crazy and I know it

Yay a little moment of ME time, my daughter is swimming and her pāpā is watching her while he also does some #onlinemahi, so I have toddled off to a different cafe today.

Fab coffee and fresh organic juice has been ordered, and SERENDIPITOUSLY (not sure on the spelling of that but YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN), the wifi password here is ‘besavage’ haha, he tohu.

The journal has been pulled out, but as I began my daily ritual, I thought to myself, i’ll just save time and write straight on the computer, see where it leads to.

I have been really enjoying blogging lately and I am gaining more confidence in my own voice, shedding fears every day, releasing the terror of been judged, misunderstood, condemned etc for speaking my truth, for OTHERS THAT WANT TO HEAR IT.

Clearly i’m not writing for every tom, dick and harry on the planet. I’m only writing for those with ears to listen, my #kuinisoultribe who know exactly what the fuck I am on about and what I am trying to achieve through my blogs, writing, kaupapa, online programs and this here #kuiniklub.

With every fear that you overcome, you get just a little bit stronger, your bravery muscle strengthens and your confidence grows.

The very act of sharing in a safe space, or posting a first video or writing a first blog (which the #kuiniklubbers practice and train in within our #innercircle programs) is empowering and liberating in itself.

is a word that has come to mind recently and I think it may be the name of a future online program that we develop HERE, in this space, which by the way, is MY space.

It baffles me how people feel entitled to jump into MY space (my blogs, my KUINIKLUB newsfeed, my inbox, my lane) expressing their own views like its some kind of debate.

You don’t see me writing my shit on other peoples shit, no I do it in my own lane thanks!

These souls are usually the ones that actually need to go and create their own blogs (which you can learn about inside our KUINIKLUB online learning programs).

They are dying to create their own platforms and sacred spaces where they too are FREE to be FULLY THEMSELVES, but they won’t bow down and be humble and admit the confronting truth inside of them! 

They won’t or can’t admit that they want to learn how to do this shit for themselves, or to take a risk, to try something new and different, or to be so fucking brazen themselves.

They can’t quite quell their ego enough to admit to themselves, actually I WANT TO DO THAT TOO, I want to learn those skills and be empowered in that way too.

I’m talking about the ones who jump in my lane with ten pages worth of their own content, that really belongs in THEIR space, not mine.

I say this not out of arrogance but because I know that saying stuff like this TRIGGERS people into TAKING ACTION. They think to themselves ‘fuck that bitch I WILL CREATE MY OWN SHIT!’.

Which IS MY AIM. Which is what I want to see in the world - because the world needs more of that.

More people creating their own shit from their unique SOUL MOKO BLUEPRINT, using the taonga that they have been given.

Clearly, existing paradigms (where poverty, self harming, suicide, homelessness, crack, abuse, violence, war, addiction etc perpetuates itself) have not really been working that well and WE NEED TO CREATE SOME NEW SHIT! Duh!

So for the ones jumping in my lane and not manning up to create their own shit, of course its much easier to just cop out and TURN ON those who you VIEW as somehow having some extra privilege handed to them that allows them to BE LIKE THAT IN THE WORLD, when really EVERYTHING YOU WANT IS ALREADY WITHIN YOUR ACCESS AND YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE STOPPING YOURSELF FROM OBTAINING IT. 

Often it is repressed writers or other over-opiniated people (like myself hahahaha) who have the BIGGEST problem with me picking up my nuts and opening my mouth. Lol. 

Bei, if you have your own opinions or views you wish to express, or you want to go through all the effort and work that it takes to start and create and then nurture a new movement on your own terms (as I have begun with KUINIKLUB) - by all means go and do so, I ain’t stopping you and most likely neither is anyone else stopping you.

One of my new goals is to train, mentor, nurture, and empower 111 KUINI NEW-SCHOOL LEADERS IN THEIR OWN RESPECTIVE FIELDS, in the art of BEING THEMSELVES FULLY, creating their own movements, doing what has been implanted in their SOUL MOKO BLUEPRINT BY THE DIVINE, and doing so with style, flare and carefree abandon - whilst setting it up in such a way that they actually get PAID to do so, independent of any employer or the government. 

Ambitious? OF FUCKING COURSE IT. Don’t you know who I am yet? 

I have ALWAYS attempted OUT OF IT SHIT to the extent where by #mugglestandards I appear to have lost the plot. Hahaha!

Sometimes I have failed, sometimes I have fallen down, I have DEFINETLY been SHAMED, SLANDERED, BULLIED and STALKED along the way, but I have always picked myself up again and GOT BACK ON THE PATH, to try, and try again, and again, and again, which is what we ALL must do if we wish to achieve OUT OF IT SHIT in our lifetimes! Hahaha.

Soooooooo KUINI are you going to be one of the KUINI that stops fronting and admits to herself and then to US in KUINIKLUB (who have already been through that internal process) that ACTUALLY you are DIFFERENT too, you also WANT SOMETHING DIFFERENT, you are also tired of being stifled and contained within flawed systems and structures that limit you, your voice and your potential to DO GOOD IN THE WORLD.

’Be a good girl now, you CAN’T say that here, you are NOT ALLOWED to do that here, you must follow these flawed rules here, button up your shirt, make sure that skirt is below the knee, shut the fuck up and FALL INTO LINE!’ Sound familiar? Are you ready to say SAYONARA to that shit yet KUINI? 

Are you ready to create you own path yet KUINI and then walk it for the REST OF YOUR LIFE?

Are you ready to RELEASE all that fear, doubt, shame, guilt, blame, and whatever else it is that has been HALTING you in your tracks and stopping you from doing/being/creating/saying/building/leading what you were born to yet?

When you ARE ready, let me know, and let us inside KUINIKUB know, and JOIN US in this waka!

TOGETHER we can create what we wish to see in the world! Yes, it’s fucking true.

The new KUINING online waananga starts soon dear. Get on that shit! Sign up here today.

Also if you are interested in the 1-1 mentoring that I mentioned earlier in this blog, when I said it is my goal to EMPOWER 111 new-school leaders and disruptors in their fields, READ THIS and then PM me on Facebook.

Let’s disrupt the system together and create an entirely new world, he ao hou, for our tamariki and mokopuna, one MAD BITCH at a time hahahahaha! True story.

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Every time you UP LEVEL YOUR GAME

Every time you UP LEVEL YOUR GAME