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Coming out of the spiritual closet, one step at a time, will you come with me too KUINI?

Coming out of the spiritual closet, one step at a time, will you come with me too KUINI?

Yesterday I posted the following on my personal Facebook page, and frankly it is ALL I want to talk about, write about and focus on in my life right now. I spend a lot of time alone these days (which I LOVE and is WAY better for me than absorbing toxic rangirua energies from others around me since I am an extreme EMPATH and that is exactly what happens to me when I am around too many other people, especially toxic, unhealed, traumatised, unconscious people - I absorb and process their energy which is EXHAUSTING and DISTRACTING, sometimes I can even hear their thoughts, and FEEL their feelings - simply HORRID and overwhelming at times). 

So anyway, all this alone time recently has given me the LUXURY of being able to focus on my spiritual growth, meditation, breathing practices, and GOING WITHIN - the Kingdom of God/ess is WITHIN, remember! It is not merely in a building or a book, or another human mediator - it is within us all and is accessible to us at any time.

Below is what I wrote in the post, and it was to illustrate the parallels through my own lens, of the parallels between some of MY understandings of some ancient whakaaro Māori, and a modern video in English, about Archangel Michael which comes from a Christian root (I will post the link to that ANGEL MESSENGER video below too).

’He Ao Hou ☀️ Te Ao MaRAma ☀️ Whatu MANAwa ☀️ Pū MANAwa ☀️ Poutama ☀️ MāreikuRA ☀️ WhatukuRA ☀️ He kākano koe i ruia mai i a RAngiātea ☀️ I-RA Atua ☀️ Aro-HAA ☀️ Ngā RAngi TūHAAHAA ☀️ Tāne-te-WaioRA ☀️ Te-Toi-o-ngā-RAngi ☀️ Tama-nui-te- ☀️

It’s all about the RAA (sun/light) and the HAA (breath)! The RAA and the HAA! The RAA and the HAA!

Can you see the clear pattern in the ROOT WORDS of the language? The emphasis and repitition of the RAA and the HAA in so many of our Māori words to do with esoteric knowledge?

I know that this will already be obvious and known to some, if not many, however I still want to write and talk about it NOW at this time in 2018, in my OWN words and voice, if not only because it helps ME to process my own thoughts, observations and RECENT PERSONAL EXPERIENCES.

The heavens are states of consciousness ☀️ The sun sends encoded light frequencies carrying knowledge and information from the original divine source to the tangata and reactivates sleeping dormant DNA strands in the tangata too.

The breath (haa), whatumanawa and the pūmanawa are three of our main keys and tools to ascend the poutama of our own consciousness and achieve higher states of being and awareness (Ngā Rangi Tu Hāhā).

More and more divine messenger beings are communicating with humankind right now, and are also being awakened from within humankind at this time right now.

We are all seeds of the divine original source and different parts of our DNA (ira) are now waking up and turning back on ☀️

The ira atua is part of our moko (blueprint) as descendants of Hineahuone the first human, who was made by the gods and OF the gods ☀️☀️☀️☀️

And here some words from my ancestor, potent and relevant to this very message I have been on about in the blog post and my other recent communications with the collective consciousness: ka oho te wairua, kia mataara te tinana, he aroha ki te aroha, kakā te rama ☀️☀️☀️ Now what do you even think that means? It is pretty self explanatory and OBVIOUS to those with eyes to see and ears to listen.

5D 💖 He Ao Hou ☀️ The ascension and evolution of human consciousness now 💖 The reclamation, reinstatement and reactivation of te ira atua and te ira wāhine within humanity ☀️ Kua ea ☀️ The return of balance ☀️ We remember who we are 💖 It is done 💖 The world and age of light, knowledge and understanding ~ enlightenment NOW ☀️’

I think you get the idea!

Here is the ANGEL MESSENGER video that I wrote my words in response/translation to:

I also suggest you watch and listen to all of the other ARCHANGEL MICHAEL MESSENGER videos on youtube by these same people (Awakening YOU), if any of this RESONATES with you.

I plan on writing ALOT more about spirituality over the coming years, simply because it INTERESTS me and I LOVE IT! It is in fact my FAVOURITE TOPIC, I have just kept this part of myself hidden, solitary and silent all this time, in this lifetime and BEYOND, because FRANKLY it has never been SAFE FOR WOMEN LIKE ME TO SPEAK OPENLY (and maybe women like you too, dear reader)?

I’m about to come way the f*** out of the spiritual closet, no more hiding in fear of persecution or shame of being different for me ☀️🖕🏾😇 And no I ain’t rangirua either 💎 How many unimaginative people throw around the old ‘rangirua’ or ‘pōrangi’ label to discredit other people, especially DIFFERENT people, who merely speak about things BEYOND the limited comprehension of the slanderers? It is SO unoriginal! Nearly as unoriginal as the SLUT label used to discredit and slander ANY smart and powerful women that THREATENS the perceived status quo by her VERY EXISTENCE! BOOOOOOOO-RING!! Haven’t heard that one before!! Haha.

It is a COMMON well recorded pattern throughout history, that WITCHES, and women of an OUTSPOKEN SPIRITUAL nature OFTEN if not ALWAYS get BURNED AT THE FUCKING STAKE!! Remember??!!! One does not have to look far into the histories of the WORLD to find stories and WARNINGS about spiritual women, medicine women, healer women, intelligent women, women with strong VOICES etc being demonised, and worse, not to mention straight up literally slaughtered.

When I first committed, dedicated myself, and YES initiated MYSELF (it’s a thing, you can do that) at the age of TWELVE, to THE WAY, THE PATH and THE LIGHT, it was well known and well taught amongst students of esoteric wisdom that REVEALING ONES TRUE IDENTITY WAS A BIG NO-NO and simply NOT SAFE.

HOWEVER it has come to my attention that NOW it is different. NOW we are co-creating a new world, a new era and a new level of consciousness - a return to a more balanced and enlightened way of BEING.

A rise of the feminine. A RETURN OF THE MATRIARCH. A re-instatement of te ira wāhine. A return of the Divine Feminine. THE RISE OF THE GODDESS who has been trampled for thousands of years by this unbalanced and often destructive patriarchy that has been predominant in the collective consciousness of humanity, around the world UNTIL RECENTLY. It is NO MORE!

I realise that some would argue that this patriarchy never reached Te Ao Māori, and that may be true for many, in different areas from different rohe, however in MY experience, where I am from, many interferences from COLONISATION and ORGANISED RELIGIONS have indeed seen that patriarchy slip in and the ira wāhine become oppressed and surpressed in many different ways. Don’t like it? GO WRITE YOUR OWN BLOG ABOUT YOUR OWN VIEWS AND EXPERIENCES THEN, and stop reading mine, it’s quite simple! Lol.


We are now all FREE or FREEING ourselves. We are now BEING CALLED TO SPEAK UP, to SPEAK OUR TRUTHS, to WRITE OUR TRUTHS and to BE HEARD. We are being called to re-instate balance within OURSELVES.

We are being called to shake the sleeping world awake, least they all perish.
We CHOSE to be alive at this time in humanity, and THANK GOD for that! I am thrilled and filled with GRATITUDE that this time in the history of HUMANITY has FINALLY COME UPON US!! And OF COURSE I wanted and chose to be here to help USHER in this new paradigm! Of COURSE you did too!

Everything is by design after all, including the cultures and family groups that we have all been born into in this lifetime.

TE AO HOU is now. TE AO MARAMA is now. It is time for us ALL to remember who we are and our divine origin. It is time to start ACTING like it, LIVING like it, SPEAKING like it and BEING like it. OUR TIME is now. RISE UP!

It is time! Now is OUR time. Now is THE time, NOW is the hour, ours is the magic and ours is the power.

What I mean by that is - THE DIVINE ENERGY that WE are VESSELS and CHANNELS for is the magic and the power, not the magic or power of our personal ego human tangata selfs - ALL magic and true power comes from the DIVINE SOURCE.

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Nau mai, haere mai, ngā māreikuRA o Te Ao Hou.

maori mareikura high priestess atua wahine

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”Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini.”

That day job is stealing all your mauri!! When will you take your power back?

That day job is stealing all your mauri!! When will you take your power back?

When you have an idea, take fast action on it KUINI!

When you have an idea, take fast action on it KUINI!