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Why I don't do things for free

Many times in the past, I have given too much of myself, done things for free, or not given right and proper value to a TAONGA that deserves right and proper value.

Your TIME is a taonga (we can never buy back our time therefore it is PRICELESS), your specialist knowledge is a taonga, what it took you YEARS to learn and study is a taonga, the unique way that you do things is a taonga, your unique voice and perspectives are taonga, the hard spiritual lessons that you have transmuted into gold are taonga, your focused time and attention and high quality energy are all taonga (and incidentally these are all things that YOU can create a business or income from in this AO HOU).

Since all of these things that we take for granted sometimes, are actually all taonga, I believe we should be discerning and careful about how and where and why we fling them around carelessly, or dish them out willy nilly, or FOR FREE or to the wrong people, or to an ungrateful employer etc (you get my drift).

I have learned that doing things for free generally serves no one, least of all the recipient of the free thing.

Also, in my opinion, expecting something for free is not even a whakaaro Māori.

Now don’t get me wrong, I regularly donate things to charity for free when I declutter (which is a practice I recommend doing frequently to maintain clean energy in your environment). And there are still many instances when I do choose to do things for free (community kaupapa etc), or for koha, as is the case when I do moko kauae (i’ve always done that for koha alone, for the past ten years).

However, not everyone in this day and age understands KOHA and UTU properly, and unless you are dealing with another person that DOES understand these concepts and practices deeply, then it can sometimes be in everyones best interest to just set a monetary value on a thing.

Money is the main currency of this world currently, and the more money you have, the more you are capable of doing and creating good in the world for people.

In my view, having and CREATING an abundance of money for ourselves EMPOWERS us to be more self sustainable, more independent, more sovereign, less vulnerable, and less reliant on anything or anyone outside of ourselves. 

Imagine if we all had enough money to SIMPLY BUY BACK OUR OWN LAND, run our own specialist independent charter schools, create state of the art addiction and trauma healing and respite centres for ourselves, employ experts to manage our own vast maara kai, do our own honey and hemp investments, create our own art and music incubators for our own people, create our own youth entrepreneur incubators and technology hubs, and do all of the things that many of us dream of doing, for ourselves and our whānau, without having to jump through any of the usual hoops, because we could just straight out PAY FOR IT ourselves. 

We would no longer be BEHOLDEN TO or VICTIMS of the government or to a runanga, the Waitangi Tribunal, the boss or employer, or to any of the usual places one might look to for FUNDING, MONEY, resources or SALVATION - we would be MUCH more empowered to be SOVEREIGN of ourselves, and to do whatever we need to do for ourselves and each other.

We could largely SIDE STEP THE GOVERNMENT and all of the other external institutions that we often to look to, to SAVE US. I believe it’s time for us all to save ourselves now, and I believe that increasing our wealth consciousness, financial literacy, and business skills is ONE way of doing this.

With the age of the internet, the new ideas economy, the new KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY and this new INFORMATION ECONOMY that we have found ourselves in, the GAME HAS TOTALLY CHANGED, the old paradigm is DEAD, and the POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS.

ANYONE can start and be successful in business with very little capital and often with NO CAPITAL, mothers can become #māorimillionaires, THE PLAYING FIELD HAS LEVELLED OUT MORE (because of the internet) and the doors to obtaining prosperity for ourselves have FLUNG WIDE OPEN - if we empower ourselves to USE THE TOOLS AND RESOURCES already at our fingertips and already in our possession, and already encoded in our very DNA!!

There is still so much money shame and poverty consciousness in our culture, and I believe this keeps many of us poorer than we deserve to be.

We have been taught to expect a certain level of life, and we have been taught not to even ASPIRE to anything beyond that. We have been taught to be, and to remain poor. We have been taught that it is somehow more morally or ethically or spiritually superior to be poor!

But when we accept being poor and do not learn how to get out of that for ourselves first, and we don’t take actions to get ourselves out of the shit and to start doing things in a different way, then we are also in no position to ever be able to then turn around and offer a helping hand to those that are still left behind in the shit. 

We ALL deserve to be prosperous, to have ALL our needs met, to be able to eat healthy homegrown vegetables and fruits, to create deep safety for our families, to be able to create our own things BY US and FOR US, to live in the type of environments that we desire, to do the type of work that it is in our souls to do, and to be in a position to REALISE OUR INDIVIDUAL AND UNIQUE POTENTIAL. That is what being wealthy is. That is what creating enough money for yourself can do. It is not, nor has it ever been, about living hedonistically or excessively.

The whole premise of UTU is that there needs to be an exchange of some kind. Of course money is not the only way to exchange value or energy, and I do enjoy exchanging other things and doing trades with my fellow artists and also with a few healer friends whose services I often need and use, and in return I give them what I have to give, in terms of what I have on offer. But the reason I am able to have these kind of exchanges with certain individuals is because they understand UTU in the first place.

There is no such thing in this universe as something for nothing, nor has there ever been.

Have you ever done a free course and never bothered to complete it? Did you ever do a Masters Degree that you paid through the nose for, and damn well made sure that you completed? That is the value of UTU. We place a higher value on things that we pay for! And in return we also RECEIVE a higher value.

If we do not maintain our own energetic balance, by practicing things like KOHA and UTU correctly and as our ancestors did, then we will be doing everyone in the equation a disservice, including ourselves. Being in debt whether ENERGETICALLY or financially, is in no ones best interests. Sooner or later, we all have to pay our debts in some way, shape or form. That is how it works. And that is why it pays to always GIVE MORE VALUE than what your receive in return - that is the path to more affluence on all levels (not just financially, but also SPIRITUALLY too!).

Do you still struggle with a scarcity/poverty consciousness of not having enough, of not being enough, of not doing enough, and never getting your needs met fully? EXTREME GRATITUDE and COUNTING YOUR BLESSINGS is one way to start reversing that psychology and mindset within yourself. Even when things are REALLY HARD (and I too have also been in really hard scenarios and times in my life - that’s what prompted me to learn a new way in the first place), those REALLY HARD times are actually the crucial moments when you need to INCREASE your faith, belief, and gratitude for an abundant and infinite universe.

I know it’s hard and seems counter-intuitive (to be grateful when you’re in the shit), but if you just start trying this EXTREME GRATITUDE method for several months solidly, you will soon see the results in your own life (that I have experienced) of how regularly counting your blessings sincerely and from the heart, can and DOES WORK.

FINDING THINGS TO BE GRATEFUL FOR EVEN IN THE SHITTEST OF TIMES, is a way of increasing more good things to be grateful for, and drawing to yourself more miracles and blessings to count, and USING THE LAW OF ATTRACTION (which is a scientific and natural law) IN YOUR FAVOUR.

Focusing on everything that is shit, only brings on more shit. You can start VERY SIMPLY with things like, ‘i’m so grateful for this roof over my head, i’m so grateful for clean drinking water, i’m so grateful that my kids are healthy and happy, i’m so grateful for my best friend, i’m so grateful that I have a bed to sleep in tonight, i’m so grateful that I have a bank account in the first place, i’m so grateful that I live in a first world country, i’m so grateful that my whanau love me’ - and so on and so forth (make up your own reasons that you have to be grateful).

If you want to go deeper into this type of kōrero and LEARN MORE FOR YOURSELF about creating a new abundance/affluence mindset, so that you can better prosper in your own life, YOU CAN JOIN one of our KUINIKLUB INNER CIRCLE programs on our homepage. We have a 10 day intensive online mentoring program starting on 11th November.

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Our new KUINIKLUB SELF LOVE 101 WORKSHOP is now available!

Our new KUINIKLUB SELF LOVE 101 WORKSHOP is now available!

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