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Kia ora!

Welcome to KUINIKLUB! 

An online peer + personalised mentoring program, business network, spiritual community and MOVEMENT for WARRIOR wāhine who are committed to living their best lives and doing their best work in the world.

UPLEVEL, upgrade, improve, change and transform your self and your life by being a part of this amazing high vibe, positive ONLINE MENTORING PROGRAM AND SUPPORTIVE SOVEREIGN SISTERHOOD + COMMUNITY. 

BE YOUR BEST SELF and CREATE YOUR VERSION OF YOUR DREAM REALITY with the support of a likeminded group of positive wāhine from all around the world. 




Living the dream, on the daily

Living the dream, on the daily

Today I woke early with my three year old at our four star beachfront resort. We have a bath together, get dressed and mosy on down to the beach restaurant at the resort where we are staying at, for a buffet breakfast. We have what we want and then mosy down to the playground on the beach for her to have a play and burn off some of that 3 year old super energy. 

I make a quick video. She’s finished and we toddle back to our Super Deluxe Room with plenty of space for us to spread out in. I finish off my video and read some of the latest book that i’ve downloaded onto my kindle while she watches some cartoons. It’s 12noon now and the nanny arrives with a gorgeous sparkly elephant toy, a gift for my darling little girl that she is just thrilled with. I say my goodbyes and kiss my girl goodbye, to set off on my own to get some work done. 

I stroll down the road on this Thai island, Koh Samui. I arrive at a French owned cafe - beachfront again (I always know i’m winning at my own life when i’m living beachfront) and then I sit down to work. I order my latte and my fresh young coconut. I do some journalling and write out my daily affirmations for what I am currently manifesting in my life, for all the awesome projects that I am currently working on bringing into fruition, my current goals and aspirations. 

I sip my coffee and then move onto my coconut. I post the video that I made earlier, because they have better wifi here. I sit there and think to myself, let my thoughts wash over me and give my inner voice that silence and quiet time to be heard. It is a delicious feeling to be alone in a foreign country with no set schedule and nothing that I ‘have’ to do, other than to follow my nose. 

It’s getting a bit too windy there for my liking (this cafe legit has no walls and is all open air) so I pack up my stuff, pay the bill and toddle further down the street which is also coastline, to my next fav cafe which also happens to be French owned (they do know how to make a nice cafe, the French). I greet the lady that owns the cafe, an in shape long limbed tanned women who’s age is unknown to me, but I think she could be anywhere between 50-65 with a young spritely spirit and a fashionable wardrobe to match. 

We exchange small talk since we have met once before and ended up adding each other on Facebook after that meeting since she will also be in Canngu (Bali) next month in the same area as us, and she buys jewelry and exotic things from around the world to sell in her small shop on Koh Samui (tres interesting to me). Then I claim my gorgeous warm perch about 2 meters from the ocean, order my next latte, and pull out my laptop to write this here blog post. 

It is thrilling to me that this is the lifestyle and schedule that I have created for myself. This time last year my life looked very different and my day to day was very different too. How did I get here, to my own version of my ‘dream life’? I made certain choices. Choices that were aligned with what the fuck I actually wanted to do with my life. I decided to stop waiting. I decided to just do what I want to do NOW, at age 32, with a three year old in tow and an awesome partner. I decided to give the big finger to the old life I had created for myself, to walk away from boredom, frustration, exhaustion and unfulfilled living. I rapidly created another two new online businesses without really planning to, because they just came up and wanted to be born. I started following my nose, my instinct, inner voice and intuition RUTHLESSLY and with BLIND FAITH. 

I walked away from everything that was no longer aligned with the highest vision that I had for myself and for my dream life. I fucking love to travel. I love to go to places that I have never been before, to meet people the likes of which i’ve never ever come across, to see things with my eyes that I have never laid eyes on upon before, to be anonymous and unknown in a new country. This is what makes me feel alive and like I am winning at my own life. What makes you feel most alive? It’s different for everyone and that’s ok, if your dream is to live in the same town that you were born in, seeing the exact same people every day, week and month, then all power to you, you live YOUR dream. 

But if that is not your dream, and you want to choose something different, and you want to live your life a little different, then I can help you with that, because that is exactly what I have done and continue to do every day through the power of CHOICE. This is exactly the type of idea that we explore and learn about in the KUINIKLUB online weekly coaching program. Just this week there have been two KUINI who have quit their jobs that they were no longer satisfied with, decided to move towns and made some MASSIVE CHANGES and shifts in their lives. It is PHENOMENAL to watch and I am excited for them, knowing that it is in the UNKNOWN that the most exciting and unexpected miracles happen. 

What is it that you truly want to do with your life? What is the message that you came to share with the world? What really lights you up and where do you really want to go? What kind of people do you really want to meet and hang out with? How would your ideal perfect day go? What would you be doing NOW if you TRULY BELIEVED IN YOURSELF AND YOUR ABILITY TO CREATE AND LIVE YOUR DREAMS? Who would you be if you were ALREADY living as that person every day? Think about it, take the time to really contemplate these questions for yourself. From clarity comes ALIGNED ACTION. And it is daily aligned action based on your CLEAR VISION that will lead you to where you want to go. Write down your answers and come back to this exercise frequently. 

KIA KAHA. I believe in you. You CAN create your dream life and you CAN bring anything you want into being if you DECIDE TO, commit wholeheartedly to it, never ever give up, HOLD that vision in crystal clarity within your day to day VIBRATION as though it is already a DONE DEAL, and TAKE ACTION on it each day. Your vision cannot help but come to pass if you do this consistently and with faith, courage and belief. Let me know how you get on! 

Time for me to drink that latte, go buy some more white rainbow clothes (since I left my summer wardrobe in Bali) and then get my daily hour massage. After that, who knows, that’s as far as i’ve planned for today. 

See you on the other side KUINI! You are worthy of your dreams! Can I get a fist pump? Thanks xox

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Use and practice your right and power to say NO to nonsense so that you can say YES to next level awesomeness!

Use and practice your right and power to say NO to nonsense so that you can say YES to next level awesomeness!

Welcome welcome welcome to all our newest kuiniklubbers!

Welcome welcome welcome to all our newest kuiniklubbers!